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About Me

Don't love what you see? Then tell me what you love! They don't call me CUSTOM and CRAFTY for no reason!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website!
Who I am:
So, what can I say? I guess I'll start with my name... I'm Jamie. I'm a wife, a teacher (who is taking some time off to raise my daughters), a mom (that's a photo of my beautiful family below), a daughter, a sister... you get the point! I'm also a crafter! As a teacher I'd craft manipulatives and games for my students in order to help introduce new concepts and practice skills. As Custom and Crafty, it began as custom decals and stickers and then branched into SO much more. I also LOVE a challenge hence the expansion of what I offer!
So, please remember: If you don't love what you see, tell me what you love! They don't call me CUSTOM and CRAFTY for no reason!
On top of Custom and Crafty, I am also a teacher who took some time off to raise my girls (as mentioned above). While I absolutely love being a stay/work at home mommy, I sure did miss my students. Because of this, I signed up for an awesome at home teaching opportunity allowing me to teach English to children overseas via an online platform. This not only helps me fulfill my teacher heart while I stay home raising my little tribe, it's also nice to earn that extra cash. If you have a bachelor's degree, any experience teaching children (teaching degree not required), and a desire to make a little extra money on the side, my company is always hiring! Click this link and I will help coach you through the hiring process!
When & How Custom and Crafty came to be:
Custom and Crafty was established early in 2013. I gave birth to my first daughter in  September 2012. I had originally planned to go back to work after my 3 month maternity leave was up. One month into my leave, Hurricane Sandy made an appearance. She was angry and decided to show her anger to everyone in her path. My town was severely effected. Thankfully, we were alive and our home was still standing (unlike many homes in my area). We were displaced for several months and I decided then that it was best to stay home and take care of my daughter. Wanting to make a little extra money on the side, I began Custom and Crafty. As mentioned above, it began as Custom & pre-designed decals and as time passed we've added etched glasses, custom shirts, custom bags, and SOOOO MUCH MORE! Look around the site, and if you don't find what you're looking for, let me know! I can make something especially for you!

Meet my beautiful family! They are my drive, my motivation, the reason for my being! My daughters inspire me to be the best person I can possibly be (they're also my number 1 fans- such confidence boosters, haha!) & my husband is my rock. You may even see my daughters in some product photos throughout the site. They are my little models. They love the free product & often come up with many of the children related product ideas.