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Painting Party Info and Options

So, you're either in this spot for 1 of 3 reasons:

1: You're interested in a painting party and want to learn more! The flyer to the left has some basic information, but feel free to read on or call for some more information!

2: You or one of your friends is having a painting party and you're here to check out the quote options for your wood piece(s)!

3: You've wandered here by mistake, but are reading on because it looks like such a wonderful idea! Right now, we are only traveling to NY 11694 & 11697 zip codes.

Read Below to find out more!


Click here if you are just looking for the stencil options!

Some more information

What it is:

Our painting parties can also be called a make and take party. They are a mix between a Pampered Chef party and a Paint Nite and usually last about 2-3 hours. You and your friends can enjoy the comfort of your home while you chat, laugh, eat & drink (if you choose to provide that for your guests) and create  a memory that can hang in your home forever! Whether it be decor for your bedroom, kitchen, child's room, laundry room, living room, or even a gift you are making for a loved one... a good time is guaranteed to be had. A beautiful masterpiece with no talent necessary... and the chance to say I MADE THAT! In the midst of it all, there will also be chances to win prizes!

What I bring to you and what you have to do:

For your painting party, I will bring everything you need! All you have to do is call or email to schedule a date. Once we have a date set, invite your friends and send them the quote choices link. Party guests can choose up to 2 quotes OR you can choose as the host to do a certain quote or theme for the entire party. EXAMPLE: It may be holiday time and you want everyone to create countdown signs to whatever holiday it may be... or maybe you are having everyone create a split monogram design with their established date and couple name... or maybe you are just choosing a theme and having me bring random quotes that people can choose from the day of). One week prior to your party date, we'll chat again for you to give me your final headcount and to confirm the wood size you'd like for your party members as well as the quote choices. This one week notice is vital as I have to cut all the wood for your guests, and create all the stencils. On the day of your party I will bring all the paint, paint brushes, wood, and the vinyl one time use stencils that I have cut and created custom for you and your party guests.

How much does it cost?:

With a minimum of 5 painting party members, you as the host get to *create your first sign for FREE. Your guests will pay $30 to create their first sign (packages vary, this price is for the most popular 12" square wood option- below is a list of the other size & price options. Please note that not all quotes are available for all sizes) and $15 for the second sign if they choose to do a second. After your party, you'll also get 10% off of all Custom and Crafty products, good for one shopping trip (orders can be made via our website, through messaging in FB or email, or on the phone). We are working on finding a suitable location for a storefront and to hold our workshops, but for now we only offer in-home "parties".


        6" Square - $10                      $8                          

   3"x12"- $20                       $12           

6" x 12"- $20                       $12            

      9"x12"- $25                      $15                

12"x12"- $30                      $20            

6"x24"- $30                     $25           

                         12"x24"- $45                     $35                                     

MIX AND MATCH- Want to make 2 signs but different sizes? Pay the full price for the larger sign size and pay the second sign price for the smaller sign!

Have more questions? Want a quote you don't see on the quote options list?

Feel free to email or call!



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