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Crayon Canvas Craft

Need something else to do with all those crayons you have?

Here's a creative, simple craft for you to do by yourself, or with your kids!

You can even use JUST crayons (no image like I used) and hot glue them into different shapes. Watch this 4 1/2 minute tutorial, or just read the steps below.


Materials Needed:

  1. Canvas (I used 8x10 but you can use any size you want)
  2. Crayons (the amount will depend on the size canvas you use. For mine, I needed 23)
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Blow dryer or heat gun
  5. A decal (if you choose)
  6. Tape & paper (if you choose to use a decal/image)

If you try this at home, we'd love to see a photo! Send it on over to us via our contact form on this site... and join our FB group page so you never miss another tutorial, giveaway, coupon, etc...



  1. Hot glue your crayons along the top of your canvas (or you can even glue in a shape, like a heart)
  2. Apply your decal (if you chose to add this step)
  3. Cover the part of your canvas that you don't want the crayons to melt on, in my case I covered the decal. If you are using a decal, you can even just leave the transfer tape on and wait until after you melt the crayons to peel it off.
  4. Keep your canvas at the angle in which you want your crayons to melt towards. If you are doing a shape such as a heart, you will want to switch the angle as you go so the crayons melt at different angles out away from the heart.
  5. Use your blow dryer and point at an angle towards the crayons so they melt downwards. (Cover your work area if you don't want crayon on it! This can get messy)
  6. Turn your blow dryer off, unplug it, and look at your beautiful new canvas! Hang it wherever you'd like. Great work!