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Valentine’s Day! A non candy treat & a Magical Mailbox!

Before we get on to the project...

Well, it's been a full year since I last posted in this section of my website. I guess Valentine's day inspires me =] A year ago, when I added this section, I had a large list of all the fun things I wanted to add and teach you all but I was also focusing on building the business. But now, get ready!!! I'm going to be adding here much more frequently so be sure to check back!

Here's a little sneak peek of a few things you can look forward to learning about in this section!

  • A very cool painting technique which will include using some old denim!
  • Transferring photos to wood!
  • Creating some really fabulous candles!
  • A helpful video for applying decals
  • And some other AWESOME tutorials AND freebies!!!

So last year I posted about the play doh valentines we did for my daughter's nursery school class. We also did pencils with the little heart card stock cut outs I made, which we did again this year BUT this year's pencils are SO much cuter. I found them at Oriental Trading. They are decorated with hearts and have an eraser on each side to make it look like an arrow. It fit perfectly with our heart cut outs!

We also have family that we absolutely ADORE that just moved far away. For them, I traced my girls hands and cut them out. I took a piece of string and cut it the length of their arms held out. I attached the string in between each hand so that they are the actual size of their arms. They took the left over card stock and made cards with them. Inside each card they put their "paper hugs".

My daughter also had to make a mailbox to bring to class to collect valentines from her class mates. She's a crafty gal as well and didn't want to just cover a box and stick on some stickers. She wanted to make a unicorn! Little sister even got to help =]

Supplies, Directions, & some photos of the process...

Obviously these are just suggestions... a little guideline. The best thing about getting crafty is being creative. We weren't aiming for perfection, we were aiming for fun. This was also about MY DAUGHTER making HER OWN mailbox! As parents we often get carried away with trying to make our child's project THE BEST... but remember, THE BEST to THEM is something that THEY had a hand in making. I helped a lot since she is only 4 but she did a good majority of it. We even have shape punchers so she punched out the hearts & circles for the eyes. Everything "sticky" like the letters in her name, and pretty much EVERYTHING we used, she helped stick on.


-Contact Paper (you can use wrapping paper instead, I used contact paper since she was able to push this all on herself)

-Yarn &/or curling ribbon

-Packaging tape &/or a glue gun (We ended up only using packaging tape since she was more able to help with this)

-A paper towel tube cut into 4 (We ended up never adding this on even though they did paint them. You can use this as legs for the unicorn)

-Construction paper or cardstock (dedicate one whole piece to the horn)

-Letter stickers (or a marker if you prefer to write their name on)

-white paper OR contact paper/vinyl

-Scissors & razor blade/exacto knife

-Paper die cutters (we used a star die cutter for the nose nostrils, & a heart and circle for the eyes)

-And MOST IMPORTANTLY 2 shoe boxes, one larger than the other.


  1. Cover your boxes in your contact paper or wrapping paper. The smaller box (head) will go on top of the larger one (body) as shown in the pictures. Make sure you leave enough room on the larger box to cut a decent size hole for all the goodies your child will be getting! Tape the boxes together as shown in the photo.
  2. While you still have the wrapping paper/contact paper out, go ahead and cut two triangle shapes and allow your child to stick them on as the ears. Refer to photo for an idea of placement.
  3. You can cut your hole on the larger box now, or later. This is a step for parents to do. Working with an exacto knife can be VERY dangerous. Don't allow your child to perform this step.
  4. Roll up one of your pieces of construction paper or card stock to make a cone. You'll do this by starting at one corner and rolling downward. Use the packaging tape and wrap all around to secure it. Tape this to the very top of the smaller box.
  5. Using the white paper/vinyl, wrap it around the tip of the smaller box to make the nose area. Have your child help you smooth the paper out when sticking it down. Allow your child to use the safe paper puncher shapes to create nostrils to stick on.
  6. Allow your child to also punch out shapes for the eyes OR you can use buttons OR googly eyes which can be found in any craft store.
  7. Cut some pieces of yarn/curling ribbon and tie it together to make the unicorn's hair. Do this two times. One will go at the top of the head and the other at the end of the body to serve as the tail. We taped our tail to the inside of the hole so that you couldn't see the tape.
  8. Let your child add the letter stickers for their name. The color stickers we used were a little light on the color we chose to wrap our boxes so we outlined them with marker.
  9. If you choose to add legs, let your child paint or color the paper towel tube and then tape or glue them on.
  10. PRESTO! You have your magical unicorn mailbox.